Name: Angry Accountant 3.0
Drive: 2 Maxons
Power: 7.4 Volt Li-Poly
Weapon: Spinning blade
Speed Controller: SparkFun Motor Driver
Steering: Skid
Weight: 1 lb
Record: 38 wins, 16 losses

Angry Accountant was originally built for Kristen to drive at RMRS. After a few upgrades and two full rebuilds, she's become a decent undercutter/bludgeoner. She's also the only Team Cosmos 'bot that's been fully rebuilt 3 times.

Some event highlights include:

  • First place at POP 8.
  • Second place at 2004 Nationals.
  • First place at Motorama 05.
  • Third place at MURC 05.
  • First place at Motorama 06.
  • First place at MURC 06.

3.0 Testing
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Spinup Video
1.0 Gallery