Critter Crunch 2017

Sister Christian fought back after some early losses to earn a 2nd place win at Critter Crunch 2017. She also was the last bot standing for the 2 pound rumble. The Inhaler made a surprise showing, easily winning 1st place, and mopping the floor during the 20 pound rumble. A good day for Team Cosmos!

AVC 2017

Attended the Sparkfun AVC 2017 contest with 60 Seconds of Glory, Angry Accountant, and Splash Damage. Angry surprisingly took 2nd place, while Spash Damage went a disappointing 0-2, and 60 Seconds went 2-2.


Angry Accountant took first place at STEAM Fest right here in our back yard. Thanks Casey and Zach for putting on such an enjoyable, laid back event!

RoboGames 2017

Competed with Angry Accountant, at RoboGames, earning one win and two losses. Headed out w/ Chad from Team Wazio. Had a blast hanging out with the West Coasters!

Motorama 2017

Headed out to Motorama for the first time since 2007. Spectated, did some judging, and met up with a lot of people both old and new. Had a great time, and only added to the desire to build and compete.

Critter Crunch 2016

Sister Christian managed a 2nd place win at Critter Crunch 2016. There was a large and tough field of competitors, a few technical problems, but all worked out well in the end.

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Season 3???

We're starting to explore larger bot components and technology. Check out the first video here.

AVC 2016

Attended the Sparkfun AVC 2016 contest with Uncle Sam's Daughter and Angry Accountant. This marks the first time Ted and Pete have competed at an event for 9 years. It felt so right.

Mixing Guide

Added a radio mixing guide to the Resources page.

Angry Accountant 3.0

Angry AccountAnt is being rebuilt. Check out the build thread on sparc.tools forum here.

Skate Two

Added Skate Two to the projects page.

Updated KE Calculator

The Kinetic Energy Calculator has been updated. It should now work in all modern browsers.