Name: Neutrino 1.8
Drive: 2 9.6V cordless drill motors
Power: 12V nicad battery pack
Weapon: Modular weapons
Speed Controller: 2 Victor 833 ESCs
Steering: Skid
Weight: 12.9 lbs
Record: 17 Wins, 6 Loss

Neutrino was our first bot to win a competition, BotBash 2001. After a few successful outings, Neutrino was sold to a disciple of Mike Konshak. Neutrino was rebuilt with an over the top drivetrain. After a few competitions, that version was sold to Tony Hall of Team Radicus

Some of his highlights include:

  • First place at BotBash 2001
  • First place at Steel Conflict 2002
  • Third place at Motorama 2003
  • Competed under the name "Anaphoric Antagonist 0.9" at BotBash 2002, piloted by Tony Hall

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